I'll Trade You Fear for a Knockout
beeswax on Super 8 mm film

Beeswax on Super 8mm film.

medium: Super 8 mm film; 03:24 minutes
Fingerprints were placed all over the length of 5 minutes of film. After one viewing, the film loses the fingerprints. It is projected through a neglected, thrift store projector which has a short, replaced parts, and it scratches films. In general, there are so many things that can go wrong when projecting film and using this projector along with a multiple-spliced film with beeswax increases the chances for caught hairs, losing the focus or loop, scratches, etc. This serves as an antidote to fear. Finally, even if the projector failed or lost the loop, I would still find the few seconds of dusty landscapes and one-time animated fingerprints beautiful.

"I'll Trade You Fear for a Knockout" was shown as part of the Element of Temporary 5 at the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery in 2004. It was also rearranged and used in a collaborative performance called, "tablesettings," with the theater company, Scrap and Salvage, in 2007.