Ice Hours
6 video vignettes with live score

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The Poles are unforgiving and hostile places, meant to humble us and remind us that we exist in a fragile and precarious pale blue dot in space. When I am there I understand that I am of this Earth that it is my only home and that it shelters me from the dark cold void of the great space around us. — Camille Seaman

Ice Hours is a collaboration between photographer Camille Seaman, film artist Kim Miskowicz and composer/musicians Kristina Dutton and Nathan Clevenger, a multimedia concert event featuring footage of stunning Antarctic landscapes and the surrounding ocean. It is crafted from over a decade of video footage, documenting inspiring and endangered features of our changing planet. Ice Hours illustrates the inextricable connection and interdependence of humans and the natural environment.

Ice Hours live performance event premiered at San Francisco’s Exploratorium March 7th, 2019. It was followed by an installation in The Exploratorium’s Webcast Studio from April 10th through May 19th, 2019.