Ice Hours
Ice Hours

A series of six film vignettes featuring footage of stunning Antarctic landscapes and the surrounding ocean.

A multimedia piece with a live music score, Ice Hours is crafted from over a decade of video footage documenting one of the most remote regions of the world. Featuring close encounters with inspiring and endangered features of our changing planet, Ice Hours articulates that humans are not separate from nature.

The project is a collaboration between photographer Camille Seaman, film artist Kim Miskowicz, and composer/musicians Kristina Dutton and Nathan Clevenger. Photographer Camille Seaman has been traveling to Antarctica for 12 years, and in 2017, Kristina Dutton stopped by Camille’s house for a coffee visit after a trip to Iceland. Kristina had been in Iceland to record in caves and odd settings- a trip that had greatly inspired her creatively and first planted the seed to work on a multimedia piece about ice and remote landscapes. Over coffee Camille shared her old footage from various travels and revealed she had over a decade of unused video footage from her travels to Antarctica. Thus was born the beginning of the project.

Ice Hours live performance event premiered at San Francisco’s Exploratorium March 7th, 2019. It was followed by an installation in The Exploratorium’s Webcast Studio from April 10th through May 19th, 2019.

Ice Hours is made possibly by support from The Fleishhacker Family Foundation and New Music USA.