Saving the Next to Last - excerpts
digital video transferred to Super 8mm, color, silent

This is an emergency archive of security questions and personal history. There is no plug-in electricity required to view these 100 feet of film. The images are a combination of recent digital videos of family and friends that would not otherwise ever be transferred to Super 8mm. It is the opposite practice of the current trends of taking old home movies and getting them digitized. I am making the endless digital footage more limited. I have interspersed the frames with fake security questions and related Google Earth locations. If for some reason the electricity went out, anyone would still be able to easily access the red and green security frames along with memory jogging images.

"Kim Miskowicz's
Super 8 film hand-cranked thru the projector, recreates a demented
Internet, ON FILM, incl. Google Street view."
— Rick Prelinger (@footage) December 18, 2011