single channel video, sound, 06:30

The first timed-based work of my LABELS painting series, a playful simulation of light moving across landscape exposing what is hidden and disguised.

Since 2004, I have created mixed media collages using mailing label remnants from a former day job in which I mailed travel catalogs worldwide. When I quit the job in 2009 I stopped collecting the remnants.

I chose this medium in order to decisively and slowly create landscape images. My process involves adhering several layers of torn and fragile sticker skeletons within a coating of gel medium. This exhausting process requires great attention to render rocks, plants or mountains. The build-up of the label remnants has many connotations within landscape imagery such as landfills reclaimed as city parks or nature preserves and poorly disguised cell phone towers as trees. The slow process hints at the slow and expensive breakdown and recycling of our municipal waste.

As I slowly build forms with the remnants I am creating my own geologic timeline that contrasts mass produced or photographic images of landscape. As of 2014, my unrelenting curiosity to see each final composition with man-made textures pushes me to continue creating more work for this series.